The Community Links Programme is a grant scheme run by Sustrans Scotland and provides funding for the creation of walking and cycling infrastructure for everyday journeys. It is a key element in Sustrans Scotland’s commitment to meeting the vision of the Cycling Action Plan for Scotland (CAPS) of 10% of trips by bike by 2020.

Successful Community Links bids for 2014/15 were announced on April 4th 2014. A total of £14.5m has been awarded across 137 projects – Scotland wide. The fund was oversubscribed, receiving over £35m in bids, demonstrating the great demand for high quality sustainable transport infrastructure in Scotland today.

It is Sustrans’ aim to continue the programme and direct the majority of funding towards innovative and imaginative projects.

Objectives of the Community Links Programme:

  • Link the places people live in with the places they want to get to
  • Encourage people to cycle or use another active mode on everyday journeys and increase cycling modal share
  • Meet an identified community need and demand.

Eligible projects will:

  • Improve the infrastructure for cycling and walking
  • Have an identified community demand
  • Provide at least 50% of the funding from other sources.

Only Local Authorities and Statutory Bodies can apply directly to Sustrans for funding. Community Groups should liaise with their Local Authority who can apply on their behalf.​

Download the new guidelines and criteria for Community links programme for 2015/16.