Sustrans Scotland‘s Community Links Programme provides grant funding to local authorities, statutory bodies and educational institutions for the creation of cycle network infrastructure for everyday journeys. It has been running since 2010 and has funded over 400 projects to date. The programme is funded through the Transport Scotland team within the Scottish Government.

Objectives of the Community Links Programme are to:

  • Encourage people to cycle or use another active travel mode for everyday journeys ,increasing cycling modal share
  • Meet an identified community need and demand
  • Link the places people live in with the places they want to get to
  • Encourage innovation where relevant in new infrastructure solutions to meet the needs of cyclists (and other active travel modes)
  • Encourage placemaking schemes that evidence future modal shift to cycling and other active travel modes.

A new Community Links Guide (Community Links Guide 2015-2016) and application Scoring Matrix (Community Links Programme – Scoring Matrix) have been released for the next Community Links funding round (2015/16). Applications for the next funding round can be submitted from 12th January 2015. The deadline for applications will be at 13:00 on 13th February 2015.

The Cycling Action Plan for Scotland sets out a vision that “By 2020, 10% of all journeys taken in Scotland will be by bike”.  In order to achieve this ambitious vision, 19 actions are identified, one of which refers specifically to the need to “develop and maintain community links” (Action 4).  Therefore, the Community Links Programme is a key component in the delivery of the Cycling Action Plan for Scotland.  http://www.transportscotland.gov.uk/strategy-and-research/publications-and-consultations/cycling-action-plan-2013

Sustrans encourages applications that reflect community demand for active travel projects across all sectors of society including health, housing, transport, environment, communities, education, regeneration and economic development. Please contact the Community Links team for advice on eligibility: email community.links@sustrans.org.uk or telephone 0131 346 1384.